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Social Tapestries has grown out of the Private Reveries, Public Spaces and Urban Tapestries projects created and run by Proboscis from 2001-2004 and reflects our desires to embed our research into real-world contexts and situations more deeply, create spaces for creative practitioners to inspire and influence policy leaders in government, industry, academia and civil society, and to build stronger transdisciplinary bridges across the arts, social sciences, technology, policy and design.


The project is led and managed by Giles Lane with Alice Angus and Orlagh Woods, who are supported by a number of Proboscis Associates collaborating in different capacities: Kevin Harris (Local Level), Karen Martin, George Papamarkos, and Sarah Thelwall.
Previous team members include: Dimitri Airantzis, John Paul Bichard, Camilla Brueton, Dima Diall, Michael Golembewski, Dikaios Papadogkonas, Simon Ruffle (Stride Design) and Nick West.


In addition to our associates Proboscis has established some new collaborations with:

Loren Chasse
Gary Stewart, inIVA
Deborah Gibbon, Jenny Hammond Schoo
George Roussos, Birkbeck College Computer Science Dept
Natalie Jeremijenko, BIT and University of California San Diego
Dave Mountain & Anil Gunesh, City Uiversity Dept of Geo-Informatics
Sally Labern, TAS / Jenny Hammond School
Bev Carter, Partners in Change
Gini Simpson, Space Media Arts
Mauro Cherubini, EPFL

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