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An Atlas of Enquiry    

The atlas contains five maps which trace the territories and unfolding outcomes of Social Tapestries, an investigation of public authoring in civil society and the emergence of a public knowledge commons

The maps are:
– Public Authoring, Education & Learning
– Neighbourhoods & Communities
– Urban Tapestries public authoring in the wireless city
– Urban Tapestries version 2
– Robotic Feral Public Authoring

Published by Proboscis, June 2006
Limited Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-1-901540-43-0
Edited and designed by Giles Lane
with Alice Angus, Camilla Brueton and Claudia Boldt

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ST Education Map
ST education map
ST Neighbourhoods Map
ST Neighbourhoods map
ST Urban Tapestries Map
ST Urban Tapestries Map
ST Urban Tapestries v2 Map
ST Urban Tapestries v2 Map
ST Feral Robots Map
ST Feral Robots Map
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