Call to Action

The call to action section at the bottom of the page is a collection of links to various external community and governmental web sites with an interest in the issue of environmental pollution. Again, spanning local and national agencies the links help people use the web to make a stand on air quality in their locality by, for example, signing up to, or initiating governmental petitions, finding local organic food co-ops, or accessing discussion forums.

To support the second aim of the SNOUT site - to illustrate the process of creating a scavenged site - information about the construction of the SNOUT website can be found by clicking on the links above each section of the page. On clicking, a DHTML div reveals a brief description of the relevant service.

Figure 5.6 illustrates this page.

Figure 5.6: Snoutlondon call for action.
Jenson Taylor 2008-01-25