Neck Ruff

Made from one metre of inexpensive nylon satin and and organza (so the performer can see out) the ruff is a gathered strip of cloth with a frill at each end. The frills are stiffened with wire passed through a narrow hem. The ruff is held in place on the bottom of the head and the neck of the jacket with velcro.
Figure 6.11: Mr. Punch's Neck Ruff

Cabling is held in place with hand stitched wide bias binding. Starting from the back (where the cable connects from the computer, worn on a belt, to the costume) the cable runs up the back then to each of the four LEDs. To support the LEDs, millinery mesh was glued onto the inside of the costume (as above).

Figure 6.12: Mr. Punch's Jacket inside view

Figure 6.13: Mr. Punch's LEDs

The symbols for each sensor are hand embroidered with a raised stitch and stitched onto the costume under each LED.

Figure 6.14: Mr. Punch's Embroidery

Mr Punch's props include sausages (tights stuffed with bubble wrap) and a slapstick (cardboard tube, bubble wrap, masking tape and paint).

Jenson Taylor 2008-01-25