Snout is a collaboration between Proboscis and Birkbeck College, commissioned and supported by inIVA. The project was conceived and developed by Giles Lane, Alice Angus and Orlagh Woods for Proboscis with Dr George Roussos of Birkbeck College. Proboscis' Consultant in Residence, Sarah Thelwall, also made significant contributions to the project's development and public event.

The Snout costumes were designed and made by Alice Angus and Orlagh Woods in consultation with electronics engineer, Demetrios Airantzis, who configured and built the gumstix wearable computer, power source, sensor array and LED display boards. Jenson Taylor (Birkbeck) worked with Demetrios, programmed the Snout sensing platform and prepared the technical documentation. The Snout web interface for mapping the sensor data to other online information about the local environment was created by Karen Martin.

The performers who wore the Snout costumes for the public 'carnival' event were Jordan McKenzie (as Mr Punch) and Bill Aitchison (as the Plague Doctor). Publicity photos were taken by Thierry Bal and video by Tom Dale. Special thanks to the team at inIVA: Gary Stewart, Helen Idle, Natasha Anderson and Josie Ballin; the staff at Cargo; and to Lucas Zamboulis and Alexandre Guitton.


Jenson Taylor 2008-01-25