Platform Requirements Overview

After some considerations on how to satisfy the project goals, the main required functionalities of the platform were determined and agreed upon by all the people involved in prototyping this mobile sensing device.

The platform was required to sense four distinct physical phenomena. These were carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, organic solvent vapour and sound.

The readings were to be displayed in real time to users of the device in order to provide some form of feedback to the user as to the environment they are in. This was decided to be done by using LEDs ranging from 1-10.

Another requirement was that the users could easily retrieve the collected data. This was to be done through the use of the usb flash memory. So the users would plug their usb flash memory stick into the device and the device would transfer the readings to the usb flash memory. This feature would give easy access of the collected data to the users however this data would not be user friendly to view and analyse. So to provide the results in a nice visual representation, the users should be able to upload the retrieved data to a geo-centric web service like Google Maps to view a plot of the sensor readings on the path they were collected.

Jenson Taylor 2008-01-25